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Teleskop Bintang Vixen Telescope MOBILE PORTA A70Lf

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Teleskop Bintang Vixen Telescope MOBILE PORTA A70Lf


Teleskop Bintang Vixen Telescope MOBILE PORTA A70Lf

The A70Lf refractor is a basic all-around telescope that gives beginners intriguing views of lunar creaters and Saturn’s rings.

Teleskop Bintang Vixen Telescope MOBILE PORTA A70Lf

1. Simple and intuitive operation by friction stop motion. The MOBILE PORTA has the same function as the PORTA II and you can swing the telescope by hand in the vertical and horizontal directions freely and stop with simple friction.
2. Dovetail-plate Attachment. With Vixen’s renowned dovetail-plate system, different optical tubes can be easily attached. The mount holds optical tubes weighing up to 3.5 kg.
3. Accessory tray. The accessory tray is convenient in putting small pieces such as eyepieces. It is useful when observing at night.
4. Slow motion control handles. The slow motion control handles of the MOBILE PORTA allow for operating the mount in the whole-circle of the vertical and horizontal movements. It is helpful as used together with the friction stop mechanism when observing at high magnification.
5. Movable multi-arm.
6. Foldable mount head
Optical tube:
Objective lens D=70mm, Achromatic, multi-coated
Focal length (Focal ratio) F=900mm (f12.9)
Resolving power / Limiting magnitude 1.66 arc seconds / 11.0
Light gathering power 100× unaided eye
Size / Weight 76mm dia × 860mm / 2.5kg (Net 1.9kg)
Finder scope 6X24mm, 5 degrees FoV

Focusing mechanism Rack-and-pinion type
Adapter threads / Visual back 42mm for T-ring, 317mm push-fit
Eyepieces NPL20mm (45X, 65′ field of view), NPL6.3mm (143X, 22′ field of view)

Leg type, material 2-section aluminum legs with quick-release leg clamps
Size Adjustable from 720mm to 1290mm in length (from 640mm to 1140mm in height), setup radius from 410mm to 700mm

Accessories Erect-image prism 31.7, Allen wrenches 4mm and 3mm

Photography Usable with Prime focus, Eyepiece projection and Aforcal imaging
Solar observation Not available
Total weight 4.9kg (without eyepieces)

Teleskop Bintang Vixen Telescope MOBILE PORTA A70Lf

Berat 32000 gram
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Dilihat 203 kali
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